Castellum Digital Indonesia.

Castellum Digital Indonesia (CDI) is a company that focuses on “Health Information System (HIS) Development and Implementation”, through the Digital Principles¹ approach and the use of DHIS2 Global Digital Public Good (DPG).

CDI experienced in application development through interoperability, development of web and mobile application, data analysis, visualization, and data system architecture.

CDI is actively collaborating with international, national and subnational organizations with various of subjects such as product development, technical assistant, and research on health information systems.



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DHIS2 is an open source platform stands for District Health Information Software Version 2 which is commonly used to collect, process, and analyze health information.

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Interoperability become a key when we play with the various data and systems. Here, we concern to serve a product or system, whose interface is fully disclosed to interact and function with other applications, now or in the future, without access or implementation restrictions.

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We bring the best data analysis tools including software and SaaS applications that work together and process data from a wide variety of sources into a single platform that supports a variety of use cases for users of all skill levels, such as data visualization, embedded analytics, augmented analytics, or even market trend.

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Provide technical assistance for health information system development, implementation, and data use.

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Mobile Applications Development

We offer the Mobile apps-based development that is user friendly and commit to deliver excellent application with strong interface and design.


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